Prophet Muhammad as described in the Quran

Prophet Muhammad as described in the Quran
13th February 2020, Thursday

The Qur’an sheds some light on a wonderful aspect of Prophet Muhammad’s personality and his interaction with those around him. The Qur’an reveals his outstanding manners, sublime moral character and humanness:

He is a mercy to all humanity (21:107), not only to Muslims.

He has excellent manners and sublime moral character (68:4).

He is very keen to guide people to the truth and feels so profoundly distressed for not rightly guided that the Qur’an repeatedly stresses that his mission is only to invite people to Islam and convey God’s message to them and that it is God who guides whom He wills (11:12), (6:107) (18:110).

He makes allowance for others’ faults and forgives them for their mistakes (9:43).

He keeps asking God to forgive his enemies until he is told to refrain from doing so (9:80).

He is distressed by the believers’ suffering and is most kind and compassionate to them (9:128).

He may sometimes feel annoyed by some people’s lengthy stay at his home, but his incredibly respectful shyness prevents him from making his feelings known to them (33:53). 

He is kind-hearted, shows extreme gentleness towards his companions and consults them even in the most difficult circumstances (3:159).

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